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The Fine Print

All adult Adventurers must be at least 6 months of age, have current rabies vaccinations and have a current license. Select puppies between 4 to 6 months are welcome on some trips. We highly recommend microchips. Dogs with food, toy, people or dog aggressions are not accepted. A certain degree of recall reliability is also required. We are not a dating service. Therefore we require that all Adventurers over 6 months old be spayed or neutered.

While most dogs benefit from exercise and social activity, Off Leash Adventures is not necessarily the best solution for all dogs. Some dogs might prefer a solo on-leash walk in their own neighborhood, or a short trip to one of the fenced area dog parks, or a full day of doggie day care. In the Seattle and eastside area, there are a full range of qualified providers of all of these services. We can provide referrals.

Process   return to top
Off Leash Adventures carefully screens each dog before placement in a group. We start with a phone interview (with you, the owner, unless your dog is very phone fluent). If all parties are still interested we visit your home for a face to snout interview. Then we take a short leash walk with you, your dog, and our screener dog Dawson. If all goes well, you fill out a huge pile of forms and your dog goes on a trial run with one of our groups. The interviews are free; the trial Adventure is $25. Then we find a group that fits your dog’s activity needs, personality and schedule-- and the fun begins!

Payment   return to top
We love cash and also accept checks, MasterCard and Visa.

Payment is due at the beginning of each adventure.

Package discounts are available. For details, see our Rates page..

Adopt a dog from SPDR, Homeward Bound, or a King County Animal Shelter and receive a 10% discount on all services for the first 2 months of ownership.

Cancellations   return to top
Things happen. We appreciate as much notice of cancellation as possible but we know emergencies don’t give you much notice before they arrive in your life.

Adventures, Terrierist and Doddering Old Dogs: Cancel before we leave to pick up your dog and you keep the money. Cancel after we leave (or if your hound isn’t home when we get there) and we get the money. Seems fair. Repeated short notice cancellations may result in you having to find another dog walker. This also seems fair.

Super Adventures: These require a 50% deposit with the remaining payment due at the beginning of the Super Adventure. The deposit is refundable with 48 hours or more notice of cancellation.

Overnights: A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation. With 10 days or more notice of cancellation, this deposit is refundable. The remainder of payment is due at the end of the overnight.

Packages:    Packages come with their own cancellation policies.  Refer to your package contract for more info.

Safety   return to top
We are all about safety. We like our canine clients and haven’t lost one yet but we still take all precautions.

We have twenty years experience in the outdoors with and without canines and we choose our destinations carefully. However, there is some risk associated with every group dog activity  and every off leash  hike in the wilderness..  You  must accept these risks for your dog to become an Adventurer.   We do what we can to mitigate these risks, but we also prepare for the worst and are ready to deal with emergencies.

Each  Adventure Leader is experienced in pack management and  first aid -  and most are certified in  Animal First Aid and Wilderness First Aid .  Each Adventurer wears a distinctive tag with our cell phone number. Super Adventurers also wear a collar bell. We carry a cell phone, a 25 lb pack of equipment and first aid supplies and we contact the nearest vet to our adventure location before each trip. We carry a lot of drinking water and make every effort to keep each adventurer hydrated with fresh and clean H20.

Our adventure van is designed to keep our canines comfortable. It is lined with padded rubber mats for safe footing  and has zoned heating and air conditioning for total comfort.   In the summer, we keep it well ventilated or turn on the air conditioning to stay cool. In the winter months, we warm things up and provide heated beds for a toasty, luxurious ride. 

We leave you a report card at the end of every adventure letting you know about your dog’s day. This report includes the times we picked up and dropped off your dog, some details of our adventure, and any health or behavioral concerns. Text notifications of pickup and/or drop off are available. If we notice diarrhea, vomiting or any other acute or messy problem, we contact you on our return trip so you have the option of being home when we arrive.

Canines who are too wild and crazy in the van are either restrained with seat belts or they travel in crates. This is rarely an issue for long; the pack is very self regulating. Most dogs are assimilated quickly. Like with the Borg, resistance is futile.

We are always available to answer your safety questions.

Service Area   return to top
Adventure, Super Adventure, Terrierist and Doddering Old Dog Adventure service areas include all  Redmond and Redmond Ridge and East Woodinvile (Bear Creek, Avondale, Ring Hill, Cottage Lake). AM and PM  pet visits and farm service are available in Duvall and Carnation.  We can also pick up and drop off Adventurers from your car or office at Microsoft or from Redmond Town Center. (For the safety and comfort of your dog, car dogs must have a covered, ventilated parking spot and in car water bowl for this service – or your dog must be able to hide out in your office.)

See the Midday Potty Break page for current areas of Midday service.

Overnight stays in your home can be provided outside our normal service area at no extra charge. We have stayed in homes in North Bend, Duvall, Carnation and Seattle. Please contact us with your inquiry.



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